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You expect me to act like a normal human being? I'm wearing a turtleneck.

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new therapist: so what's the problem? 



me: *inhales* житие мое

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i will consider myself financially well off when i can comfortably afford to buy an art commission every month

me: edits tags

watewfall: you didn't need that text in your post, did you? 

lavavhe asked:

🧙‍♂️as their own DND character (if they don’t have one, as whatever character they would most likely make first time playing DND) (sowwy about that)

Oleg would absolutely use the "it's a bird, i'm a bird" logic when making a character 

An Anonymous user asked:

👀sharing some hot gossip

does it count as gossip if everyone in the building hears you? 

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archer k flynn

another npc, yeehaw

I'm not generally very good at jewelry but I'm pretty happy with what happened here ✌️

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Tablet get

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I drew a baby.

lavavhe asked:

🧙‍♂️ !

i can't see this emoji, can u send the prompt? 

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Whaddup I threw together another ask meme game! This one is


👫and their best friend

👩‍❤️‍👩and their significant other

👙at the beach

🧣ready for winter

🍁in a seasonal setting


🛌in the setting of a weird dream

☔️caught in the rain

🍳attempting cooking

🥂on a date

⚽️playing a sport

🎇watching fireworks

👨‍👨‍👧if they had a kid with another OC (doesn’t have to be canon!)

🧬as another species

👶when they were a kid

🎩in their best clothes

🎁reaction to getting a gift

💌giving (or receiving) a love letter

🗝and a secret they keep


💎and their most valued possession

📸in the worst photo that’s ever been taken of them

🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain

🏝on a deserted island (bonus: with the person they hate most)

👀sharing some hot gossip

✈️and their reaction to flying

🚎squished into an overcrowded bus/train/tram

🎲taking a chance at something they usually put off

🎧singing or listening to their favourite song

🔥furious at something

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one)

👑as royalty

🧞‍♂️and the 3 things they’d wish for

🧙‍♂️as their own DND character (if they don’t have one, as whatever character they would most likely make first time playing DND)

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u kno that tweet

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im back on my bullshit

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brian david gilbert has become himself at the beginning of unravelled, except looking 100% more like a skeezy salesman in an ill-fitting suit

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None gender left boy

siriumb -

Wait, this isn't "none gender left, boy", it's "none gender, left boy"?! It took me several hours. Mood anyways tho.

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*tf2 engineer voice* none gender left, boy 

my pronouns are [awkward silence] / [slightly longer awkward silence] 

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mcatnip asked:

"is that a pigeon" for the meme meme!! 

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perhamps i shouldnt have reblogged that just before going on vacation...

luckily i already have one for this! holy shit! wow


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i feel like this says a lot about a person, so rb and write in the tags what you would wear if there were no money concerns or social repercussions

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hemeroblemma dolosima

this moth actually looks brown until the right lighting hits! this is because nanostructures in its scales reflect blue light and give it this metallic purple/blue appearance

reasons to play Oxygen Not Included: them 

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sunpop / sun-pop

Captain Maud

for a small rp group im hosting on discord :3 

she be lookin kinda hot doe